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Welcome to LeagueOperator.org

the home of the best league administration software!

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LeagueOperator.org features the following:

  • RECREATIONAL or IN-HOUSE Leagues that do not want a National Affiliation, can have all of the ADMIN functions without the COST!
  • No software to download, just use your Internet browser.
  • Instant Internet presence for your league.
  • Your own sub-domain name (yourleague.leagueoperator.org) included.
  • Easy linkage to reporting modules from existing sites.
  • We will host your site for an additional charge.
  • Fast reliable network and servers.
  • Staff Logins using unique username/leaguename/password combinations to get you into the "Admin Area" to make site changes and enter scores.
  • Our server side database provides each League Operator with individualized, password protected authority for complete control of league data.
  • Custom controls include: league-wide maximum and minimum handicaps, weeks to holdover previous handicaps, and assign minimum handicaps on an individual player basis.
  • Supports the standard 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 league formats.
  • Supports the 10-point handicap system, other systems will be supported, free of charge, as requested.
  • Enter your pool league weekly results in minutes.
  • As you add game scores, your reports are automatically updated. Once your weekly results are entered you are done - no reports to upload.
  • Result pages are available for any league, team or weekly results the web-surfer chooses.
  • All reports, including weekly score sheets, player stats, and team rankings are available for all previous weeks.
  • All of your league statistics and reports are generated from the server side database.
  • All standard LEAGUE reports are available, plus a "Dominant" player report that tracks the difference between scores.
  • Unique custom reports are available for a fee.
  • Newly requested, widely applicable reports will be free of charge.
  • Easily email monthly reports to the national office.
  • Online discussion forum for League Operators to exchange information and ideas (available when requested).
  • Online Support for problem tracking and resolution.

  • We are not affiliated with BCAPL or USAPL in any way


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